Ultimate Hearings’ Current Favorite Hearing Aids & Why:

Oticon OPN

It’s a game changer for those who have struggled in understanding conversations, especially in background noise. This dual processor chip set eliminates the need for directional microphones. Instead, the aid digitally cancels the background input and amplifies the speech signal. Patients are raving on their improved comprehension, localization and ease of hearing. This aid is only available in one model, yet it also connects to any iPhone (5 or higher), or iPad device. Answer phone calls or listen to music and movies without an extra neck-piece. It just keeps getting better!

Oticon Hearing Aids
Widox Hearing Aids

Widex Beyond & Widex Unique

Widex has been an industry leader for having the cleanest, clearest sound quality in their instruments. Widex’s sound processing has the largest range of amplification; which means hearing more sounds in context. They also won the best “Wind Reduction” award. A great bonus for those who love being outdoors and active.