Ultimate Hearing: UE PRO

Custom In-Ear Monitors

Frustrated with the fit and feel of your universal ear buds? Problem solved.

In-Ear Monitors are molded to fit YOUR ears. Now your ear buds will ALWAYS stay in and will ALWAYS be comfortable. Just choose a model of in-ear monitors, customize the color, and enjoy the benefit of a great fit and awesome sound quality.

We take impressions for “every” in-ear monitor company. We charge $75/set for taking your ear impressions. We are a dealer for Ultimate Ears so we include the cost of impressions with the purchase price of your monitors. You’ll save $75 by purchasing your in-ear monitors with us. We have been taking impressions for musicians for over 20 years. Your monitor’s fit depends on a perfect impression. Let Ann Mundell-Noel M.A., F-AAA, take your impressions to get that perfect fit and sound.

Want Custom Fit Ear Buds but need to be cost-conscious? Check out our Ear Sleeves!

Custom ear sleeves are made from an impression of your ear which then fits into your ear canal. We use your own headset and replace the universal tip with your custom sleeve. Now your ear buds are comfortable, stay put and “fit like a sleeve!” They come in a variety of fun colors. Pick out your favorite color and then connect them to your headset. You will no longer experience soreness, pain or loose ear buds falling out.

$75 value to take ear impressions included in $150 price. Call us today!

What are Custom In-Ear Monitors?

In-ear monitors are custom made headsets which deliver a crisp, clear sound, from the source – down into your ear canal. Their quality is so precise; you’ll be able to listen on a lower volume than with your old headsets while hearing the fine details of the music produced.

How does it work? An impression of your ear is taken to create a perfect mold so your in-ear monitors fit like a glove. No pain or pressure. Your unique mold allows up to 26 dBs of occlusion from the outside world. Now you can listen to movies and music on any device, anywhere, in total peace! The impression is then sent off to make a custom mold of your ear. You pick the model based upon your listening preferences. You also pick out the color of the faceplate and cord. Using custom in ear monitors also protects your hearing by providing up to 26 dB attenuation.

WHY Ultimate Ears?

Out-performs other universal headsets with:

  • Custom Fit & Design
  • Clarity of Speech & Instrumentals
  • Sound Quality
  • Prevention of Hearing Loss

Almost 70% of the Professional Musician Market worldwide uses Ultimate Ears – and now you can too!

Currently, famous musicians, recording studios and audiophiles have been using professional In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) for years. With the expansion of customizations and miniaturization of technology, IEMs are now being sought after by the general public.

After all, who has a standard ear to fit a universal ear bud? No one! Now you can have an enjoyable physical and acoustical experience whether you are listening to a movie on a plane, working out at the gym, or relaxing with music. The custom in-ear monitors will help complete your listening experience – even through Bluetooth!

How to Pick the Right Ultimate Ears In-Ear Model?

With Ultimate Ears, the personal sound experience is key. Sure you can look at the detailed sound specifications of each model, the price, and performance – but ideally you want to choose based on YOU. Listen to our demo models and pick which sounds best for your ears!