“We treat each person individually and create a solution just for you!”

Unlike big box stores and franchises who sell only last year’s models or only from the manufacturer they’re contracted with; Ultimate Hearing, has access to any and every new technology and major manufacturer. We are not tied to a specific brand, instead we offer the product that’s best for each patient. What works for one person may not be the same for you. This is why we use extensive testing to determine what is best for you, and then select a manufacturer’s product that is right for you. Our patients have access to the leading edge technology when it’s released. You don’t have to wait for it, nor have limited product selections like you do at big box stores.

What We Offer & Why!    

Oticon is the world’s second largest hearing aid manufacturer founded in 1904, and their hearing aids will “open up your world”. The Oticon- OPN hearing aid with the Velox Chip set is THE new breakthrough in hearing aid technology. Since its inception in June, 2016, Oticon’s OPN has become a game changer for being able understand when background noise is present. The speed and complexity of the Velox Chip separates speech from background noise more accurately than any other hearing aid on the market.

The Oticon OPN with dual core processing allows the highest quality of hearing aid processing. This technology allows you to cope when in dynamic environments. For easy accessibility, the OPN connects wirelessly to Oticon’s TV device and Apple’s IPhones. It’s the world’s first hearing aid to connect to the internet, effortlessly. This sophisticated hearing aid provides the clearest ear-to-ear sound quality and requires nothing to be worn around your neck.

“Hearing is Believing!” Call us today for a free demonstration of the Oticon OPN technology. It truly is a life changer.


The new Beyond series is Widex’s new hearing aids made for iPhone technology. Widex has combined their award winning sound performance with today’s active life style. The Beyond not only connects wirelessly with your iPhone, but the dynamic, interactive APP allows you the ability to answer calls and make adjustments to your hearing aids. This Widex Beyond hearing system is truly the state-of-the-art hearing aid technology. Although you do have the ability to fine tune the hearing aids with the APP, it isn’t necessary for most people. With the strongest T-Coil in the industry, and the largest sound capturing fitting range, these are the simplest aids around. Put them in your ears and start enjoying the people and the conversations you’ve been missing. Widex Beyond truly takes you Beyond.

The Widex Unique Series allows you to “Live Life Large”. In November, 2015 Widex, a family owned hearing aid manufacturer, released a new chip set – the Unique. The Widex Unique is available in a variety of products including the Unique 440, Unique 330, Unique 220, and Unique 110. It also has a behind-the-ear and custom in-the-ear product line.

Ultimate Hearing utilizes Widex’s product line because it captures more sound, soft and loud, than any other hearing aid on the market. The Widex product lines detect crisp, clear sound which allows you to hear naturally and efficiently, even in background noise. Their lines of hearing aids ranges in performance and price, depending upon your communication needs.

Widex has been an industry leader in quality hearing aid products for over 100 years. When patients have special hearing needs, Ultimate Hearing turns to Widex’s extensive product lines: Widex Beyond, Widex UniqueWidex Dream, and Widex Clear hearing aids.

Active? The Beyond and the Unique 440 hearing devices are right for you. Widex’s 440 hearing aid lines touts the best Wind Noise Reduction in the industry. When you are outside and active you need this device which aggressively reduces wind noise around you, so you can efficiently hear the surrounding sounds. Come and listen for yourself.

“Hear the results!” Contact us today to schedule a free demonstration of the Beyond and the Widex Unique hearing aids. You’ll be impressed.

Other Brands

Phonak, Starkey, Siemens & ReSound

Ultimate Hearing also works with Phonak, Starkey, Siemens and ReSound hearing aids. Our staff prides themselves on consistently maintaining knowledge on every major hearing aid manufacturer’s product lines. They stay up-to-date on any changes made for programming and fitting of the top hearing aid devices.

Although we cannot always make adjustments to hearing aids with proprietary locks (Audibel, Beltone, Miracle Ear, Cosco), we CAN evaluate the devices’ performance and make recommendations.

At Ultimate Hearing we use Real Ear Measurements (REM) to objectively measure for all of our hearing aid fittings and adjustments. Many times our adjustments are the difference between not wearing, or only tolerating your hearing aids – to LOVING them, and wearing them successfully. Real Ear Measurements allow us to place a small microphone in your ear canal between the end of the hearing aid and your ear drum. We play a speech passage through a speaker and measure, in real time, your hearing aid’s performance. We don’t use standardized measurements, but instead by using your own ears performance, we can exactly set your hearing aids for you.

If you are interested in receiving a FREE Hearing Consultation, please contact Ultimate Hearing at 949-667-9818 or Email us from our Contact page to make an appointment.

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