In our office we help solve your hearing needs through a variety of options.

Hearing Aids – Sales & Service
We sell the hearing aid system for you! We are not tied into a certain manufacturer as some offices are. Our hearing aids can be adjusted by any licensed audiologist nationwide. It means if you move or want to work with another office, you can. You aren’t locked into a certain provider. The Software is open and not proprietary like Miracle Ear, Beltone, Audibel and most Costco models which do not allow us to adjust your hearing aid’s settings. Why is this important? At Ultimate Hearing we use precise Real-Ear Measurements to measure and adjust the hearing aid’s performance in your ear. Objective Real-Ear Measurement is a must in our office. Unfortunately, only about 15% of practices nationwide use this fitting method. Ann Mundell-Noel M.A., F-AAA, believes in this procedure and has been doing it for over 20 years. She follows the American Academy of Audiology Best Practices guidelines. At Ultimate Hearing, you will receive the highest level, and most thorough, hearing health care available.

We Service all 6 Major Manufacturers


We proudly claim one of the lowest repair rates in the industry. By teaching our patients how to clean & care for their hearing aids AND use preventive tricks – very few of our aids need repairing. This is important because you do not want to have down time away from your hearing aids. We do offer loaner devices while yours is being repaired, yet there is nothing like your own devices.

Facts You Should Know

  • Ultimate Hearing follows American Academy of Audiology Best Practice techniques for all hearing aid fittings.
  • Ann Mundell-Noel, M.A., F-AAA – audiologist, is in the top 15% of hearing aid offices nationwide, because she follows AAA guidelines.
  • Our patient’s testimonials and their referrals allows Ultimate Hearing to minimize our advertising budget. Our everyday pricing is less than most other offices sale price.
  • The brain cannot remember what it doesn’t hear. Hearing loss is a contributing factor to decreased cognitive function.
  • Hearing ability is affected by medications, caffeine, nicotine, aspirin, stress and fatigue.
  • Diabetes, High Blood pressure and Heart Complications are positively related to hearing loss.
  • The more hearing loss a patient experiences the more “listening effort” it takes to understand conversations.
  • Currently, studies show it takes 5+ years from the time someone is diagnosed with hearing loss before they do something about it. Are you ready to take initiative? Is your time up?
  • Hearing aids do not make your hearing worse. Instead, hearing aids stimulate your brain and other areas of cognition to maintain and improve comprehension scores.
  • The performance of a hearing aid is directly related to the brain’s ability to process speech information. Today’s hearing technology helps immensely in providing the brain the cleanest, clearest signal to process speech in background noise.

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